Transformation in the process…

Ok! so I watched Transformers; they did nothing to transform me 😉 There were only three interesting parts in the movie:

1976 Chevy Camaro “Bumblebee”,

Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) as Sam’s girlfriend who is good with cars and their parts and looks… WOW… Like the sitting in lap line 😉 already had a dream regarding that….

and lust (oops! misspelt) but not least Maggie Madsen (Rachael Taylor) (bottom) is the hot Australian computer geek and I simply loved her accent… Apart from them I did not really find anything interesting. As far as animation is concerned, I have definitely seen better… ten thousand times better. It did not help that they had filmed it at a very close range making it impossible for the common man to visualize the antics.

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