appraisal – no trauma this time…

It’s that time of the year again… The time when your boss/superior/senior (or Hitler if you are expressive enough) gains an inordinate amount of power over you… Yes, this power comes from their ability/authority to affect your performance appraisal and through that your future and the current/future company… In addition there is the matter of moolah… Will you stand in that ration queue or will that queue be of a posh night club depends on ‘the Boss’…

Academics who study career strategies call it “ingratiating.” To the rest of us, it’s just “brown-nosing.” You know the tactics:

  1. Take copious notes whenever the boss opens his or her mouth
  2. Volunteer for office grunt work
  3. e-mail managers in the wee hours to prove your tireless industry
  4. fawn without mercy at every opportunity

Colleagues may roll their eyes and marvel that the boss can’t see the obvious manipulation, but forget them. It works.

Brown-nosing succeeds because the manager sees what your colleagues don’t see. Where they perceive insincerity, the boss notes only energy, enthusiasm, and drive.

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