Spin Doctors…

You spin. You put things in the best possible light. You fail to mention those four hours you spent devoted to checking out mail from your friends marked ‘careful’ or ‘open when alone’, those two hours you slipped out to have an extended lunch with your friends (I can’t believe they schedule these lunch timings – how do you know when you will be hungry…), and that 1 hour period every day after lunch when you sit at your desk in a massive food coma. You don’t mention these things, because they call-in to question your job performance. You highlight the good stuff that you have done, or you highlight the reasons why you haven’t produced more good stuff – i.e. you felt alien presence in the room where you were working on the papers or you were thinking about why your co-worker is never at her desk…

So what we are doing today is a job performance review. This is what I have accomplished and here are the reasons (excuses) why more has not been accomplished, and this is why I deserve to keep my job and more so deserve a job. Job performance reviews are important and worthwhile but they must be put in context. It is practically a war between two parties the ‘reviewer’ and the ‘reviewee’ (it’s not a word, but then what are you gonna do about it…) the one who blinks first… it’s like that movie ‘The Quick and the Dead’…

In performance reviews don’t go into points where you’d say "I’d rather be doing something else…", this is a sureshot way to getting fired… If you are not doing something you love… live with it… According to one statistics 90% of the people don’t get to do what they love, the rest 10%… (choose from the following options…)

  • are beggars
  • are the managers or higher ups
  • are lawyers
  • politicians
  • have fiefdom
  • lie about it
  • born with a silver-spoon and hence don’t need to work…

A perfect analogy to this is something someone said to me once… "You love someone, You marry someone else! The one you marry becomes your spouse… And the one you loved becomes the password of your e-mail id"


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