Lace and all…

Sometimes when I go back and think about why I started to blog there are lot of things that come to mind… but the first and foremost always is ‘the want to express…’ and others were pretty interesting too… ‘World domination…’, ‘to start an interstellar war…’, see I told you the intent of this blog was definitely ‘good’ at heart… but over a period of time the intent of this blog became… umm… more honest… Now, I wanted to ‘earn inordinate riches and subsequently control the world economy…’

So I looked around at what people were doing to earn the ‘jam’. No particular preference, anyflugelbinder flavor would do as long as it is ‘jam’. I looked around and I found that everybody had something that they had sort of cornered… a blog on computers, everything about electronics, talking about movies, sharing unoriginal jokes, all things related to hair, the universe, the hot & steamy-stuff, clay, and believe it or not even shoe laces… Yes, it’s true… The ‘shoelace’ site is pretty detailed too and incase any of you face problems tying shoelaces… don’t ask your friends… they will just make you the best-selling laughing stock… (I know because I did that to someone once…) Instead just visit Ian’s shoelace site and tada… you can learn how to tie shoelace… standing up, sitting down, with one hand, with two hands, without hands… whatever you like…

Come to think of it shoelaces are famous too… For e.g. there is a production company by the name of Shoelace Productions and they have produced movies like ‘Stepmom’ and ‘America’s Sweethearts’… apart from this shoelaces have also been mentioned in movies… the following excerpt from the movie ‘Cocktail’, during which the fictitious "flugelbinders" are mentioned… (Flugelbinders – the ends of the shoelace, also called ‘Aglets’)

The scene begins with Flanagan (Tom Cruise) playing with one of the tiny paper umbrellas that are used to decorate cocktail drinks:

[Flanagan]  You know there’s a guy who makes these.
[Jordan]  One guy? He must be exhausted.
[Flanagan]  Yes, he is. But still, he gets up in the morning and he kisses his wife and he goes to his drink umbrella factory where he rips off ten billion of these a year. This guy’s a millionaire.
[Jordan] (Picking up an ashtray)  How about the guy who makes these?
[Flanagan]  How about that guy? Not to mention the guy who makes these.
[Jordan]  And those little wrappers are made by another guy.
[Flanagan]  What about these plastic things at the end of these laces.
[Jordan]  Hmmm. It’s probably got one of those weird names too like – ummm, "flugelbinder".
[Flanagan]  Flugelbinder, right. We’re sittin’ here, and we’re surrounded by millionaires. You rack your brains day and night to try to come up with a money-making scheme, and some guy corners the flugelbinder market.
[Jordan]  Poor baby. He’s frustrated.
[Flanagan]  You get a bar job to keep your days free for your real gig. After work you’re so charged up, you have a few drinks. You know, hey, it’s party time. Days get shorter and shorter. Nights, longer and longer. Before you know it, your life is just one long night with a few comatose daylight hours.
[Jordan]  Oh God. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself, Flanagan. Hey, your flugelbinder is out there waiting to be discovered.
[Flanagan]  Waiting. Do you think so?
[Jordan]  I do.

Every time I see this movie I start fidgeting and looking around to find my flugelbinder… Is it just around the corner? I am sure I will find my flugelbinder… the only thing I need to do this is to find Elizabeth Shue…

Even if I don’t find Elizabeth Shue, I know I will find my flugelbinder, in two years I think I’d have walked enough to turn the corner and if the flugelbinder is not there then I have made a deal with God, He can cancel the Porche and instead deliver a bolt of lightening gift-wrapped for Ms. Elizabeth Shue… (I told you I am friendly, can we be friends now?)

Informative Hip News

A budding technology-startup CEO yesterday was taken to Saint Mary hospital when he complained of gastric trouble… Doctors said “…He is stable now and should recover soon… it seems he had inadvertently gulped down a mass of paper…” The company cook said he had nothing to do with the currency notes found in the CEO’s esophagus…

In a totally unrelated incident, more than 50 employees have resigned from the same technology start-up, the reason for quitting has been cited as “…unable to complete task at hand…”


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