Travelogue: Intermittent disaster

Today’s visit to Rajkot was marred in a way… Well we all (all the guys, I mean) dream of a comely lass soothing us in our journey but this time around I had to sit next to an extremely obese guy and while I have nothing against obesity but why don’t they try and work something out? Don’t brand me as the ‘Ku Klux Klan’ yet… I am not being judgmental… though we always are for example have you ever noticed how you brand anybody going slower than you as an idiot, and anyone going faster than you as a maniac?

Just like I have always yearned for a window seat, I have always wanted to have enough part of the armrest. This New Image guy’s forearms were so bulky forget the armrest I was fighting to defend my chair seat… he was intruding on that too… over a period of time I gave up… receded to the space that I had and stayed there with a fierce look that said “If you come any closer, I will kill you…” (though I must not be good at that since he did that all the time…)

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2 thoughts on “Travelogue: Intermittent disaster

  1. Once again nice post man!!! And yeah I liked the header image, very colorful…that remibds me, you were supposed to design a header image for my blog… 😉

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