T20 & Hugs…

Watching T20 matches intently have their own benefits… apart from the eye-candy you get to watch some real good cricket and the most interesting of advertisements… I have been enamored by the field and time and again when I feel the creative juices flowing at full force I feel the desire to enter mass communication and get into copy-writing, directing, anything… I’d think that “Someday, I am going to just quit and start over…” Half an hour later I’d be back to the dreary, cold world and furiously working away at the manpower planning or some other inane thing that I have grown to like… 🙂

Oh, but I am veering, I was talking about advertisements, I have an inherent interest in watching advertisement and am a sucker for lateral adverts… Havell’s has done a superb job with that “Bijli bachaye” and everytime I watch that advert I know that I could probably come up with a better one than that… One of the most interesting advertisement that maybe a recruitment pitch as well, is that of a information technology company… the storyboard is as follows:

  1. An investment banker accidentally swaps his jacket with that of an HCL employee at an airport.
  2. He runs into a Sardar fellow who hugs him saying, “chhota sa business tha hamara. Lekin aapki IT ne toh humein international bana diya.”
  3. A little further he meets a politician who compliments him for doing well in the worldwide health industry.
  4. Seeing him in the airport bus, a guy with a portable gaming console exclaims, “you are the dudes who have designed this game and the chip inside too?!”
  5. Confused over everybody’s reaction, he steps inside the plane. There he meets the pilot who congratulates him for making the “skies a lot safer.”
  6. Cut to a shot of the man meeting the HCL employee. Everything becomes clear as the guy points towards the HCL tag on the jacket.
  7. With the jacket on, our man sits next to a lady with a HCL laptop. Seeing him, the lady curiously starts enquiring about the features of her new laptop.
  8. As the HCL employee chuckles at our man’s reaction, the VO plays: “From India to across the world, HCL’s technology touches lives everywhere.”
  9. The ad ends with: HCL. A $ 4.8 billion enterprise.

There is nothing wrong with people recognizing an employee of some company who have helped them but this one takes it too far… I mean imagine yourself wearing this kind of jacket (something replete with company logo and stuff)… you’d be crushed by 10 different guys a day… while guys would not specifically like getting crushed everyday I am sure girls would actually abhor that…

Next time around check out if the company you are joining does not carry such an extra baggage 🙂


2 thoughts on “T20 & Hugs…

  1. Yeah I agree to that ankit, ads now a days allure prospective candidates. Even accenture also does the same…they are always focused on recruiting candidates…

  2. Yeah I agree to that ankit, ads now a days allure prospective candidates. Even accenture also does the same…they are always focused on recruiting candidates…

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