Indian Media rocks…

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One of the results of the information boom or rather a byproduct of it are the ‘news’ channels and ‘news’ papers…

Till 2003 TOI (Times of India) was a decent newspaper to read when you were trying for any competitive examination but then it started with finding spelling mistakes, I mean come on… The largest selling Indian English Daily… What happened to good old education system and if not that what happened to the word processors? I guess they’d have the mind & matter to utilize the only good thing that Bill ever got out right? But till they made silly little spelling mistakes it was fine… I mean since the news that they delivered were still carrying a little content… though the English might be wrong and all but it still carries the information that you need right… Lot of my erring friends have insisted time and again that communication is effective if the meaning is conveyed… though I beg to disagree…

Anyway, until sometime in 2005 all was fine which is when, I think, they started with a 2-pager city supplement… in my case it was Ahmedabad Times (AT)… Over a period of time AT has been converted to a porn/lingerie catalog, I mean playboy models have been known to wear more clothes than the ones that appear in AT… There was this photograph that I remember distinctly of Christina Aguilera that seemed to a direct rip-off from playboy or such magazine…not that I am complaining and that is ofcourse, exactly what you are looking for when you browse thru’ the ‘news’paper to stay in touch with current affairs (look at all the hot pictures) but then there have been instances where people with a tea cup in hand browsing thru’ for news have been caught unaware and had 3rd degree burns…The good thing about this is two-fold guys in their teens don’t have to shell out hard-saved cash for soft-porn catalogues and secondly you can ogle all you want in office…

As if that was not enough early in 2008 Times of India launched Ahmedabad Mirror which adds on to the allure of reading a newspaper for the wrong reasons… At one point in time Times of India was competing for the No. 1 position in the ‘Most widely read English Daily’ section, now I guess they’d be able to compete on the ‘most widely read porn newspaper’ in the world… Oh, and now people don’t ask their sons and daughters to read newspapers… a silver lining in the cloud at last…

Another blatant example of the trivialization of Indian media is that of the ‘news’ channels… They really keep you posted on every little happening from around the world and more so from India. The speed with which news is now served is really interesting; it’s almost… umm… ‘Business at the speed of thought’… Some of the apt examples of the cutting edge news that get space on the news channels 😉

news channel

news channel

news channel

news channel


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