Prank Calls…

Prank calls have always been one of the best ways to harass someone. Long before harass was even a word, people were been getting woken up in the middle of the night to be asked if their refrigerator was running or whether they have Singer Sewing Machine. Everyone knows these old standbys, but fortunately, prank calls have some a long way since then! These days, prank calls are being used to harass all kinds of annoying people, from telemarketers to Nigerian e-mail scammers to television hosts. Here are 5 of our favorite prank calls.

  • This is possible the best prank call on the web, no doubt serving as a cautionary tale to telemarketers around the country. While the telemarketer is gearing up to launch into his sales pitch, the man on the other end of the phone has a much different plan in store, posing as a police detective and telling the telemarketer that he has just called a murder scene. When the salesman tries getting off the phone, the “detective” tells him he’d better stay on the phone – unless he wants to be charged with obstruction of justice! With over 8 million views on YouTube, there’s little doubt that this one takes the cake!
  • This hilarious collection of prank calls actually made onto a live, televised panel discussion about consumer debt. Some of the funniest calls were people asking the broadcasters when they lost their virginity or inquiring as to how the consumer debt crunch impacted the decision to get penile implants.

  • Here we see a similar swarm of prank calls on a public access show debating whether or not New Yorkers should be allowed to carry handguns. As the YouTube description notes, it’s amazing that the show’s host can keep his composure and a straight face when caller after caller asks him irrelevant questions or blasts him with profanity!
  • Some of the most annoying e-mail spam comes from Nigerian scammers promising to let you share in a huge fortune if you give them your bank account number (not to mention their rather incomprehensible grammar). But while most of us just sigh and delete those e-mails, this guy fought back! This prank call features a witty British man who actually called the Nigerian scammer, pressing him with silly objections like “In London, you can’t even buy a potato with the amount of money you’re offering me.” As the call goes on you can can actually hear the stress and annoyance in the scammer’s voice, which is exactly what the caller was going for!
  • This gender-confused male called up American Idol’s staff to complain about why someone they voted for didn’t win. When the American Idol staffer countered all the caller’s objections, the caller quickly changed his tune and started demanding “American Idol freebies” like pens, posters, and even free tickets to next season’s shows! The call didn’t come to an end until the caller started asking to speak to Simon, at which point the staffer grew tired of wasting his time.

Nowadays even some kids are getting into this… Becky from UK has already been a hit at this… Listen to some of her antics here…

Becky takes a driving test…


Becky calls a zoo…


Becky wants a spare tyre…


& the best ever: Becky wants to get some changes done to the school… (the funniest…) … this gets me thinking… i know some buildings that can do with some restructuring 🙂



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