Ornithological Outage II

It will be prudent for you to read Ornithological Outage Part I before you read this one…

It did not come naturally to me… You see I am not suave, cool, swanky guy that you see around… Ring ceremonies and the likes work well with a guy who is a ‘cool customer’, I was not, I was worried about how I looked, was I smiling too little, too much… and why was everyone looking at me… Someone later told me that it’s like watching a sacrificial goat… it’s too riveting to tear eyes away from… I’d say!

Maybe it would have helped if I had read one of those ‘how-to’ books that I hate… I was cursing myself for being a reformist… why did not I read that famous book ‘how to act at your ring ceremony so as to woo more girls‘ OOPS ‘how to act at your ring ceremony so that the fiance does not runaway’… I realized then that even if I had read that book (the later one) it would not work… because confidence does not come from ‘how-to’ books… Confidence comes from knowledge. Confidence comes from intelligence. Confidence comes from wisdom. Confidence comes from conviction. Confidence comes from courage… and I had none. NONE. But then I had heard it somewhere that the longer you are in hell-hole the faster you get acclimatized… Manmohan being the classic example…

I think I had a confidence-deficit primarily because all my conviction/confidence empirically comes from me knowing more about that particular topic than the audience but in this case it was not so… I was a newcomer. A novice. The simplest of reasons being that atleast 90% of the attendees had gone through the same rigmarole and knew MORE about it than I do… there it goes. Advantage Audience…

The only reprieve was the secret weapon that I had… Smile… I smiled at every face I could see (except when the floodlights focused on me were turned off and instantly I turned blind… the first time I actually held up my hand to check…) I smiled at the wrinkly ones, the happy ones, the sad ones (Girls. Because they lost me. Seriously. I swear. Screw you!), the irritated ones, the cold-dark ones, the warm faces, the anxious ones, the sensual ones, the amused ones (I don’t know why…), and last but not the least the tired ones…

In posterity I think I might have overdone the Smile bit… One of my friends came up to me the other day and said it seemed as if I had a hanger in my mouth…

Oops! I almost forgot why I titled this one the way I did… You see I was an active part of this group which focused on the ornithological delights… we even had a game called ‘spot the bird..’ but then now I have been asked to leave… Their argument is that since now I am engaged there is no use in me participating in that club, they were talking about “…all going down the drain”. Though I fail to understand why this makes any difference, I am not pressing any charges against them… not until I consult my lawyer first…


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