The Long-drive chronicles

Another problem opportunity (my performance coach says every problem is an opportunity) that I have had to face is the constant barrage of physio-therapeutic terminology… For example do you know either of these words?

  • Apple iphone 3GAvascular necrosis
  • Erector spinae
  • Morton’s neuroma

Question: Why do people get married? You can comment here

Neither did I but then when the ‘wife-to-be’ does it for a living, there’s little option but to latch on to the nearest laptop/PC and start googling… but at this particular moment we were having dinner at a restaurant; and its momentous occasions like these when you start appreciating  apple… and feeling of loss envelopes you… (the train of thought continues to why you can’t afford it… ultimately leading to dissatisfaction with the peanuts… or misdirected anger on the MNC which create such sexy-looking product/s…)

One of the core part of getting engaged is long drives… this would have been a great time of the year if the monsoon had blessed us with enough showers but it hasn’t and this leaves you with an environment that is cool+humid+hot+irritating… and sometimes this kind of weather just gets to you… And it is in situations like these that you might just say something that you will regret for the rest of your waking (and sometimes sleeping too… Nightmares.) life. Sometimes the question is what to talk about… So you talk about inane things like the weather, you describe the places that you pass-by (this is the place where I had my first blah-blah… You get the idea.) The conversation has to be kept going and since it’s night-time you don’t need to concentrate as much on the road… There is no one on the road to concentrate on except for the blinding lights of dumb people driving at high-beam without any reason… (this brings back the blinding memories from the engagement day…) Music does help. Music is arguably one of the biggest inventions of man right in the league of the wheel & fire (though the Mentos theory mentions a dramatically different version as far as this details of the invention go…) Yes, so music emancipates any need of conversation… or rather gives you a safe-ground for conversation where you are least likely to argue on… 🙂 Viva La Music…

[Click on the video’s window to play…]


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