Give me a Break…

They offer the best of all the worlds… No wonder people are all-praises about it… and some guys like me would even go to the extent of saying that they worship their service and innovation… I am talking about Google and in specific Gmail. Recently Gmail offered experimental services that you can opt-in for and try out.

But now my relationship with Gmail has been at seams since last quarter or so… Initially I did not notice it and hence did not bother much about it but nowadays it’s like I have to clean the spam box once everyday and when I do I have to encounter all kind of rude emails thanks to email snippets… (Gmail’s facility that allows you to read a part of the mail in the header…)

There are mails selling Viagra, Replicas of Tag Heuer, or confessing their undying love for me… or in certain cases mails proclaiming to know the 5 ancient Egypt’s secrets of perfect intimate life…

Today I got a new one, it says something that I don’t even understand… reason being that mail is in a language that I don’t even know… now what do you say to that?


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