I Wish…

I wish I had an angel
For one moment of love
I wish I had your angel
Your Virgin Mary undone
I’m in love with my lust
Burning angel wings to dust
I wish I had your angel tonight
to wish a heart
a hell

Deep into a dying day
I took a step outside an
innocent heart
Prepare to hate me;
fall when
I may
This night will hurt you like
never before

Old loves, they die hard
Old lies; they die harder

I wish…

I’m going down so frail and cruel
Drunken disguise changes all
the rules

Old loves…

I wish…

Greatest thrill
Not to kill
But to have the prize of the
Wannabe friend
13th disciple who betrayed
me for nothing!
Steep climb
love edging on

Last dance, first kiss
Your touch my bliss
Beauty comes
dark thoughts linger…

I wish…

Samrat knows where this comes from and what this means… 🙂


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