How to: Be the best…

SurveySite developed a list of 40 factors that had the most potential impact on the repeat visit rate.

From this analysis, a final survey with 12 questions was developed.

  • Content correlated highest (74%) with the likelihood to make a repeat visit to a site. The main reason for deciding not to revisit a site was ‘frivolous  content’.
  • The second most important factor is enjoyability of the site (71%): either providing a novel experience or entertainment, or an interesting interface etc.
  • The third most important factor was the quality of the organization, or layout (68%)
  • The and fourth most important factor was the degree of uniqueness (66%). Many respondents indicated they would
    not return to a site because it was ‘like all the rest’.
  • Some 64% of respondents rated ease of finding information or content as important,
  • Followed by whether visitors thought their visit was ‘exciting’ (61%),
  • Visually attractive (58%),
  • Easy to navigate (54%),
  • And the speed at which they could move around a site (53%).

Quality of graphics was not an important consideration when compared to
other factors.


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