Finding Love

With a thumping heart he sat back on his chair. He had decided to go all out that night. “I have to” he told himself, the suspense was killing him. Every five minutes he checked his message counter to see if she had replied.

After 3 hours and checking his messages for a little over 36 times he knew for sure. She was not going to reply to him. He knew that she might have been busy but he had always been the hope against hope kinda person and wasn’t going to change now.

While waiting for the message, he was in that blissful place that he knew so well. The time when the needle is not punched in but you can smell the feisty smell of spirit in the air and know the the twinge of pain will follow or when he would be done with his final exams and would wait for the results to break his sweet interlude. He hoped that this would not be a repeat of his childhood.

He thought of himself as an atheist and yet he prayed, willing God to prove himself, chuckling at his own transgression. It was 8pm. Time to get out, go home, finish the nightly activities and then doing something for the first time in his life. Call her to tell her how he felt.

Sikander had said to him, “I don’t know her as well but what’s the worst that can happen?”. He had just nodded at that time unable to answer back, “And that’s what I am worried about”.

While getting out of office he was in a daze, he was recounting how it all had happened, the way Sikander had said life passes through when you die. He could recall it all now… The call, the mails, a long gap in conversation, the blessed social networking site, the smses, the late night talks, … It would all fall into place today or go down the drain.

It was 11pm now, “time to face the music” he said to himself. Staring at the stars above he dialed her number… Tring Tring…

(Continued in Part II)


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