Finding Love – II

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Tring Tring…

It rang an exact 13 rings before the machine came on to tell him in an foreign language that the person he was trying to reach was busy or not reachable. “So much for connecting people” he said to spite the machine that he couldn’t.

What the hell is up, she does not message back, does not accept my call. He slipped back to his pessimist side and thought, “Maybe she knows… But how could she… Sikander… The bastard must have told her… But he does not have her number…”. He rubbished these thoughts from his mind feeling guilty of having doubted a friend and checked his watch. 12am. Shit got to sleep, else will be late to office and face detention. Life’s really fucked up, he thought.

As he laid back on his bed he thought to himself, maybe God is giving me this time to prepare. To prepare what I want to say. He thought, I’d say “You know Surabhi, I have…”, No this does not sound right… maybe I should just go all out and say it before she can understand and stop me midway. “I think…” No. Don’t say think, think means tentative, unsure. Girls don’t dig that when making long-term decisions.

Before he could finalize sleep overtook him as the day wore him down. He dreamed of falling from someplace very high and awoke with a start. What does that dream mean? Does it mean I am afraid of trying for something or is that a premonition that I am going to fall without a safety net? Then he realized new day meant a new opportunity at everything and that a dream is just that, a Dream. Maybe today will be the day.

He checked his mobile to see a message waiting… tick… tick… tick… Message from: Surabhi: “Sry waz caugt up in a meetg yday. U mst b sleeping hence dint call.” He cursed himself and in the same moment realized that his mom had always been right about the unknown benefits of waking up early. Can’t call right now she must be busy checking mails or whatever she did when she reached office. I should message her back. Message from: Ankush: “That’s all right, give me a tinkle when you are free. Have a great day πŸ™‚ “. On the way to office another message. tick…tick… tick Message from: Surabhi: ” πŸ™‚ you too”.

Reading the message he thought to himself and smiled wistfully “If you answer the question the way I want you to every day hence would be a great day…”, “How corny is that?”. But he was happy, the Sun could not have been brighter, the sky more blue…

Another Message: Sikander: “Dude, what happened… details”. Ankush replied saying, “She was busy y’day, will call tonight… πŸ™‚ Wish me luck!”. Sikander: “For you, always man πŸ™‚ ” He was happy to have great friends…

(To be continued in Part III)


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