Past Hurts – I

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Though Rajiv thought this was more of a cliche he knew by experience that it was true.

He was taking his chai break more to give himself a break from all that staring at the monitor hoping that the bug would somehow solve itself. Coming out of the washroom and zipping up his trousers he took a deep breath. He thought about the condition of washroom and the incredible stench. Not to forget the irritating absence of paper towels, even the cheap kind.

As he stood staring at the landscape from the cafeteria window with his chai in hand his thoughts drifted from Macbook to Money to Work to Bitchy neighbor to Girlfriend to Life… Finally settling down on life he realized what he had read somewhere sometime back was true. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.

The inquisitiveness in him surged as he figured out that him being in this proverbial shit-hole was a direct result of some action. As his thoughts raced he got to the root of the problem. He was destined to use that stinky loo as soon as he surreptitiously snuck out of his Maths class in 6th Grade. Sometimes the past doth haunt!

Part II, to be posted shortly.


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