Never Done That…

A friend recently changed jobs, no she is not mentally unstable. I don’t understand what is the big deal about the market right now. Everybody talks with a sense of foreboding that would usually accompany sharing news like, “World ends on 2nd March”, or something even worse “World ends on 1st March”. Somehow this thing sounds pretty 1984ish kind of stuff.

Right so she changed her job and started setting up the Human Resource department for an SME. The reason I am sharing all this ‘interesting‘ information with you all is that she called me asking for help. No, I am not useless as people would have you believe.

Apparently her problem stems from the fact that they have (present tense since they still have these in action) these “dumb” (her word, swear) policies in place. She explains “for e.g. according to our unspoken (surprisingly all the ‘dumb’ policies are always unspoken and never documented), but strictly followed policies if a peon and I joined around the same time, in exactly three years he would overtake my CTC by 9.75% and in five years the gap would grow to 23.87%”. “Additionally,” she continued, “nobody is even ready to consider the alphabet C forget C-H-A-N-G-E, every suggestion that I have given till date was shot down by that ass saying ‘but we have never done that before‘. I am convinced that he is a virgin and would probably remain that for his entire life, I mean every time he repeats the ‘never done that‘ mantra with a tenacity that makes me wonder if I am committing the original sin.”

“WHOA! You sure have lot of things pent up inside you. Well the only thing I can say for you is that don’t worry things will change and as for that guy who in making an effort to both live in the past and shoot you down, is doing a pretty good job of killing his career. So cool down and drink lots of water.”

After discussing a little more of policies I asked her if anything had materialized on the marriage front. She replied saying she does not want to get married and in the same vein she added “I have never done that before“. The burst of laughter lasted for a long long time.

As for you, don’t get bogged down by people telling you that an X thing will not work or can’t be done because no one has ever done that. At that point if you think about backing out, think what would have happened if Adam and Eve had thought like that?


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