Journey to…

You see the seeds of this thing were planted as far back as July of 2006 (almost two months before I started this blog). We, my post-grad group, wanted to relive the days of the yore and have fun together again. There were many trips that were planned but died a natural death due to non-feasibility. The trip that we finally were able to manage was a flying visit to Coorg in 2008 year end. After that trip we had decided that we were a bearable company for each other even after four years and wanted to do an encore. … Continue reading Journey to…

Never Done That…

A friend recently changed jobs, no she is not mentally unstable. I don’t understand what is the big deal about the market right now. Everybody talks with a sense of foreboding that would usually accompany sharing news like, “World ends on 2nd March”, or something even worse “World ends on 1st March”. Somehow this thing sounds pretty 1984ish kind of stuff. Right so she changed her job and started setting up the Human Resource department for an SME. The reason I am sharing all this ‘interesting‘ information with you all is that she called me asking for help. No, I … Continue reading Never Done That…

Hanky Panky

Thursday: Sikander – How much does a ring cost? Me – What ring? and why do you want to buy a ring? Sikander – Let me worry about that… I guess I will have to go and check out the price Monday: Me – So how was the weekend? Sikander – Good. Very, very Good. Me – Okay. Get that hanger out of you mouth… and tell me what happened… Sikander – You know about the ring… Me – Yeah you were inquiring about that last week. Did you buy that? Sikander – No but let me tell you a … Continue reading Hanky Panky

Lame Conversation – I

Some people say that idiot box has dumbed us. They say it has reduced interaction. Now I am not sure what they mean… Not only talking I even exercise during commercials… I mean getting up to refill the bowl of peanuts is also an exercise… Yesterday while watching an extremely long commercial I had the following conversation… My friend: You know, I am having a run of bad luck… Me: Are you exercising? [Little Laughter] I am sorry why do you think that? MF: First, there was this incident that happened at my cousin’s marriage… and then I just realized … Continue reading Lame Conversation – I

Finding Love?

Continued from Finding Love – V

Sikta Dutta sat back on her recliner staring at the steaming cup of tea. She always thought she had it tough, she had thought that today she would relax and do the usual Sunday lounging. Her boss had called up to confirm that her interview appointment with the recent Booker Prize winning author. The author apparently was open to the appointment even after having just lost his wife of 8 years to cancer.

She had spoken to him and was surprised to find that her initial opinion that he was media hungry was wrong. She had started with a few usual questions and tried to mask her brusque attitude. But as she continued to interview him she could not help feeling a little enchanted by him.

She felt quite comfortable and inadvertently ended up asking him about how he had met his wife which he talked animatedly about. He had taken 4 hours to tell her the entire story only stopping intermittently to thank people who called him or came to meet him to mourn the death of his wife. He started by telling her that his wife had been suffering from breast cancer. Initially when this was detected and they had decided to go for chemotherapy her body had been responding positively but since last three months it had been really hard for her. They had decided jointly to discontinue chemotherapy and try and give her a semblance of a good life for the last few months, few good months with Sanyukta and him. The reason he was not present at the Booker prize winning party was that she would not have been able to travel and he did not feel like going without her and his daughter. Actually it was she who had egged him to pursue his love of writing. He had only three loves in his life, his friend & wife, his daughter and his writing. In that order.

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Finding Love – V

Continued from Part IV It seemed as if Lady Luck was on his side. “Or else how do you explain Surabhi calling on a busy weekday morning?” he said to himself shifting out of the chair and getting out of office. He answered the phone. A:Hello Beautiful… S:hehehe… where did that come from? A:Well you are beautiful, it’s definitely not a rhetoric… S:hmmm… thanks handsome young man… A:Are we going to play table tennis now? S:no, you really are handsome and young… A:Ok, thanks, [laughs] So, to what do I owe the honor of getting your call? Your service provider … Continue reading Finding Love – V

Finding Love – IV

Continued from Finding Love – III

The morning had become chilly.

He knew he would have to go through it today else he would never get up the courage to do it. He had called Shakuntal, a close friend, who was sort of an ‘expert’ in these matters for advice. Ankush could be himself with Shakuntal and confessed his insecurities. Ankush had confessed that he was feeling very insecure about proposing to Surabhi and it did not help that he had never done that, proposed, in his life. Shakuntal had said that he understood his problem and that it did not have to be this hard, there was an alternative that he could try. What ensued was a discussion between the two about the pros and cons of the alternative at hand.

At the end Ankush could help but smile as he thought, chill is in the air but I just got a sweatshirt :-).

He had planned to make it special but knew that he would have to move fast. There were so many things to do. Buy, courier, deliver, and the hard part… wait for a reaction. There were only 4 days to the B-day, which would become his D-day.

Saturday was spent cajoling his sister to help him buy a gift for a friend who was getting married. The shopping done he went out to find a Courier who would deliver on Monday which was very important else he would be late. He finally found one who would deliver on Monday. There was a small glitch though, he did not know her postal address. He thought about it for sometime and finally figured out that he had a fantastic option. Shakuntal worked in the same city as her and it would be better if Shakuntal gave the gift on his behalf and hence the next call was to Shakuntal to confirm the arrangement. He already had the gift neatly packed and couriered the package to Shakuntal.

Sunday came and went and since he couldn’t handle the tension he took the shortcut to avoid tension, he slept. Monday afternoon the phone rang and Shakuntal confirmed that he had received the package but that he was surprised that Ankush had not written anything.

“What do you mean I have not written anything?” asked Ankush.
“Dumbo you are supposed to atleast write a ‘Happy Birthday’ when you are giving a gift”.
“Shit, I was running around so much and was so worried about having it reach you in time…”.
“Don’t worry, I will take care of it”.

The next call that followed put a smile back on his face. He spoke to Surabhi for quite some time talking about inane things. At one point he almost spilled out about the gift thing. He thought to himself, “That was a close one, I have to watch it”. He would have loved talking to her but had to cut it short for fear of spilling the beans.

10pm… 11pm… 11:30pm… 11:50pm… 11:59pm… 12am He called and wished her a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead and he wished that all her wishes would come true.

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Finding Love – III

Continued From Finding Love – II

The last message from Sikander left him feeling good about the way things were going. He entered office humming to the tune of Jaane kya chahe mann bawra… (Who knows what this mad heart wants…). While checking mails, preparing that report, having lunch, while in the meeting and even while he was having his evening cup of heaven, during all of these instances and a few more he wanted to call her. Call her and speak to her. Break the suspense. The feel good feeling had long since deserted him and as the evening wore on a sense of dread pervaded the evening smog. The day had passed in a blitz and the only thing he had to show for was that incomplete poem…

Unaware of the evening chill he crossed the street from the office building to chaiwallah. He smiled at the person he saw there. This was as pleasant a surprise as it could be. Not even 10 minutes had passed when he was thinking about telling what he felt, the feelings, the anxiety, the momentary surges of happiness. Sikander gave him a broad smile as they met and armed with a cup of tea he started with the series of events that had transpired between their last meeting till now.

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A Business Proposition…

From our previous posts you’d remember that we have been (atleast my friend) trying to find our multi-million dollar idea. Its not that we haven’t found any ideas. We have, some. But they are either not the multi-million dollar types or they are extremely improbable. I mean the idea to fund education of students in US is something that would take considerably longer to generate ROI and hence was dismissed. We have also, in past, in all our immaturity, discussed the possibility of getting people to pay for reading my blog. We had to shelve this idea since the single fan that my blog has outrightly refused to pay but rather wanted to see if I could foot the internet bill.

But since we haven’t had any bright ideas, we did what everyone who is waiting for an opportunity does. Daydream. We daydreamed or rather an astrologer told us, this way it sounds more palatable, that some serious money was coming our way and the elusive optimist in me even put a number to the ‘serious money’. The amount was settled at 50 Crores. The currency is not decided and we are open for anything equal or stronger than Indian Rupees.

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Finding Love – II

Read Part I here… Tring Tring… It rang an exact 13 rings before the machine came on to tell him in an foreign language that the person he was trying to reach was busy or not reachable. “So much for connecting people” he said to spite the machine that he couldn’t. What the hell is up, she does not message back, does not accept my call. He slipped back to his pessimist side and thought, “Maybe she knows… But how could she… Sikander… The bastard must have told her… But he does not have her number…”. He rubbished these thoughts … Continue reading Finding Love – II

Finding Love

With a thumping heart he sat back on his chair. He had decided to go all out that night. “I have to” he told himself, the suspense was killing him. Every five minutes he checked his message counter to see if she had replied. After 3 hours and checking his messages for a little over 36 times he knew for sure. She was not going to reply to him. He knew that she might have been busy but he had always been the hope against hope kinda person and wasn’t going to change now. While waiting for the message, he … Continue reading Finding Love

No more…

Recently I posted a poem, don’t look so surprised…  While that poem is not written by me but the writer is known to me… Somebody once said “Tough times don’t last, tough people do”… This one is penned by me in another life and is dedicated to all the people who form my support system…  I take the knife still feeling faint, Slowly but surely I cut my veins As the blood falls, so do I As I drop the knife, I end the strife… A single tear, rolls down my face as my heart starts to slow its pace… My pain is gone and … Continue reading No more…

Travel travails… (Part II)

Warning: Read Part I first! ‘Sweating like a pig’… Do you know what that phrase means… I know it and I know it far too graphically. It was 11am of a very humid Mumbai morning and I was drenched… I did not sweat as much even when I was giving my board exams and while reading my physics question paper I realized that all questions seemed alien to me…But then I am getting ahead of myself here… let me recount what happened in my journey… The guy who had previously asked to exchange seats with my friend was back with … Continue reading Travel travails… (Part II)

Snippets of fun…

Ok, so you have had a rough day… you are nearly at the end of what can easily be termed at the most tiring week till now in your corporate life… but intending to reconnect with old friends you log on to your messenger and a friend pings you a puzzle…

What do you tell him… “it’s Friday evening … and not really the end of the most tiring week so far… to top it off i have to work on sat i.e. tomorrow … this is when i don’t want to work… i don’t want to work now you want my mind to think and think creatively at that… aren’t you asking for too i mean tooooo much … huh? my friend…

Loosen up, life’s tough, tougher if you make friends with the wrong type…

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Socially aware technology…

Viky recently blogged about a fantastic new mobile handset that is for the visually impaired. "…Exclusive here doesn’t mean its some premium phone with some million-dollar price tag. But I think this phone is priceless cause it allows blind people to enjoy keeping a mobile phone. This phone will be made by Spice for blind and visually impaired; the phone doesn’t have a screen and the keypad is in Braille and on the top of that if you press the button, the phone will tell the person, which button he/she has pressed…" read the rest of the article here… Vikram … Continue reading Socially aware technology…