Finish Unfinished Tasks

Noted on the web: I am passing this on to you because it has definitely worked for me. In today’s hectic world we all could use a little calm. By following the simple advice I read in an article, I have finally found inner peace. The article read: “The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you’ve started.” So I looked around the house to see all the things I started and hadn’t finished, and before leaving the house this morning I finished a bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, the Bailey’s, Kahlua … Continue reading Finish Unfinished Tasks

Google Reclaims…

Recently Google  had to go through a lot of bad press and some of it pretty grave too. It had this problem with Orkut which was experienced and voiced by Mark Ghosh on Weblog Tools. It ofcourse hurts when someone slings mud over your favorite online brand. The sinking shot was that of the Gmail Outage experienced in over two continents for a little over two and half hours! This is enough for a Google-Fan to go into a deep depression. The day actually became brighter when suddenly something that the Gmail-Team did, reminds you that at heart Google is … Continue reading Google Reclaims…

An Abomination!

Apparently ‘Freedom of Speech’ is just a concept now and is no longer in existence in India. A 19-year-old blogger’s case could forever change the ground rules of blogging. Bloggers may no longer express their uninhibited views on everything under the sun, for the Supreme Court said they may face libel and even prosecution for the blog content. It will no longer be safe to start a blog and invite others to register their raunchy, caustic and even abusive comments on an issue while seeking protection behind the disclaimer – views expressed on the blog are that of the writers. … Continue reading An Abomination!

Never Done That…

A friend recently changed jobs, no she is not mentally unstable. I don’t understand what is the big deal about the market right now. Everybody talks with a sense of foreboding that would usually accompany sharing news like, “World ends on 2nd March”, or something even worse “World ends on 1st March”. Somehow this thing sounds pretty 1984ish kind of stuff. Right so she changed her job and started setting up the Human Resource department for an SME. The reason I am sharing all this ‘interesting‘ information with you all is that she called me asking for help. No, I … Continue reading Never Done That…

Past Hurts – I

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Though Rajiv thought this was more of a cliche he knew by experience that it was true. He was taking his chai break more to give himself a break from all that staring at the monitor hoping that the bug would somehow solve itself. Coming out of the washroom and zipping up his trousers he took a deep breath. He thought about the condition of washroom and the incredible stench. Not to forget the irritating absence of paper towels, even the cheap kind. As he stood staring at the landscape from the … Continue reading Past Hurts – I

The Smoke Screen!

He remembered their first kiss, his first. Yet after all these years, for the life of him he could not remember how it was. Was it wet, sloppy, sensual, deep… All he knew was that he was considerably excited. He came up for air a couple of times but every single time it felt as if he was taking a deeper plunge. He did not want to rise from the abyss-like depths. They had been in a relationship for quite some time. Both of them had come through some tough times, looking back it was always she who comforted. There … Continue reading The Smoke Screen!

Hanky Panky

Thursday: Sikander – How much does a ring cost? Me – What ring? and why do you want to buy a ring? Sikander – Let me worry about that… I guess I will have to go and check out the price Monday: Me – So how was the weekend? Sikander – Good. Very, very Good. Me – Okay. Get that hanger out of you mouth… and tell me what happened… Sikander – You know about the ring… Me – Yeah you were inquiring about that last week. Did you buy that? Sikander – No but let me tell you a … Continue reading Hanky Panky

Lame Conversation – I

Some people say that idiot box has dumbed us. They say it has reduced interaction. Now I am not sure what they mean… Not only talking I even exercise during commercials… I mean getting up to refill the bowl of peanuts is also an exercise… Yesterday while watching an extremely long commercial I had the following conversation… My friend: You know, I am having a run of bad luck… Me: Are you exercising? [Little Laughter] I am sorry why do you think that? MF: First, there was this incident that happened at my cousin’s marriage… and then I just realized … Continue reading Lame Conversation – I

Stressed? Pray or Act…

Prayer Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage and strength to change the things I can, And the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they just had to go and push me too damned far! And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be connected to the ass I may have to kiss tomorrow. Help me to always give 100% at work … 12% on Monday, 23% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 5% on … Continue reading Stressed? Pray or Act…

New HR Policy

Dear Staff, Please be advised that there are NEW rules and regulations implemented to raise the efficiency of our firm. Transportation: It is advised that you come to work driving a car according to your salary. If we see you driving a Honda, we assume you are doing well financially and therefore you do not need a raise. If you drive a 10 year old car or public transportation, we assume you must have lots of savings therefore you do not need a raise. If you drive a Pickup, you are right where you need to be and therefore you … Continue reading New HR Policy

Flash Fiction

I have been participating in contests. Ofcourse I participate to win and the main reason for this is that I can finally pay my blog-host. To this end I recently participated in Caferati’s 55-word Flash Fiction contest. The theme was Cheating. Some storytellers like epics and sagas. Their stories span generations, dynasties, entire civilizations, nations, continents and galaxies. Not to speak of multiple volumes. Others prefer to keep their stories short. Some, very, very short. Stories told in a flash. A.K.A. Flash Fiction. Flash fiction is fiction of extreme brevity. The standard, generally-accepted length of a flash fiction piece is … Continue reading Flash Fiction

The Cubicle Thing…

Within the past several years, a great majority of businesses have moved their people into a cubicle environment. Unfortunately, the trend continued and has transcended to formation of bulk cubicles and while it may be more cost-effective than offices or individual cubicles, it can also cause interpersonal squabbles and a lack of productivity. Employees complain that cubicles are noisy, lack privacy and are even offensively smelly when coworkers choose odiferous lunches or skip morning showers. This also includes irritatingly loud colleagues, they have little or no respect for other people and end up disturbing and reducing overall productivity.

People use speaker phones that cause everyone to lose their concentration. Coworkers congregate in cubicles and disturb everyone around them. Many people are offended and upset at the lack of privacy and fellow employees’ disrespect for the necessity of a quiet place to work.

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Ethics – A ‘feel good’ Word?

Recently an acquaintance of mine spoke to me about ethics. It has become something of a style-statement for the pop culture.

But where do ethics come from? Is there a clear demarcation? Well I don’t know. I am no expert and incase you landed here looking for some professional advice you should probably pick up a heavy tome by one of the ‘industry expert’.

Anyway, although I am not against codes of ethics, I am not impressed with “codes of ethics” either. It basically means that we don’t need to actually understand ethics because someone will tell us what to think.

What would be great is to have “philosopher kings”. I am not talking about a dictator. I am merely saying that the more powerful a person is, the more ethical we want them to be. We want those in power to truly be ethical, not just have a code of ethics, which probably will have loopholes. CEOs/CXOs seem to have no ethical requirements whatsoever. In fact, corporations might actually be promoting those with few or no scruples in bending borders by what has been happening around.

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Have you wondered why you invariably feel amorous after a drink or two? I am assuming that you will find answers here…

ARIES: Drinking style Impulsive Aries people like to party and sometimes don’t know when to call it a night. Their competitive streak makes them prone to closing-time shot contests. They’re sloppy, fun drunks, and they get mighty flirty after a couple tipples. Getting Aries people drunk is a good way to get what you want out of them, should other methods fail. Aries can become bellicose when blotto, but they will assume that whatever happened should be forgiven (if not forgotten) by sunrise. They can be counted on to do the same for you — so long as you haven’t gone and done anything really horrible to them last night, you sneaky Geminis.

TAURUS: Drinking style Taurus prefers to drink at a leisurely pace, aiming for a mellow glow rather than a full-on zonk. Since a truly intoxicated Taurus is a one-person stampede, the kind of bull-in-a-china-shop inebriate who spills red wine on white carpets and tells fart jokes to employers, the preference for wining and dining (or Bud and buddies) to body shots and barfing is quite fortunate for the rest of us. This is not to say that the Bull is by any means a teetotaler — god, no. A squiffy Taurus will get, er, gregarious (full of loud mouth soup, some would say) and is extremely amusing to drag to a karaoke bar when intoxicated.

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Way to get Fired…

Sometime ago I wrote about Bad Bosses here is an example of a guy who mentioned his experience… Needless to say he got fired… Scott Adams himself wrote that “He’s not sadistic, just uncaring.” What troubles me is the question,”How did Scot Adams generalize every possible boss in the world with more or less just +-10% deviation? Here are few observations. Boss will change their mind with every stimuli or communication. Boss will make sure that employees are as clueless as “lab rat” in a maze and encourage guess work on what’s important to the boss. They will always want … Continue reading Way to get Fired…