Miniature terrors… Taare Zameen Par

Yes, this is what the ‘others’ call them… miniature terrors. They can make full-bodied, mature, sizzling, and talented actors and actresses squirm in their seats. They are the new breed of ‘miniature’ actors and actresses [loosely translated: child-actors]. Some of the most notable ones that I have seen are as follows, (not an exclusive list at all)

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A ‘Common’ Child writes…

Some of the people whom I met and heard from about the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par‘ and their verdicts/opinions before I actually went out to see it…

My boss, “It’s a great movie… superb!”

A neighbor “You’ve not seen it? Yet? Why?… it’s a very good movie”

A senior person at my company “Very good movie but I felt that there was no need for the first part, the real movie start after the intermission…”

Actually when one of my colleagues suggested I go and watch this movie I reverted with a caustic remark saying “Who needs to see a movie about a little guy’s sufferings? Everybody gets flogged once in a while at school, if he escapes that then he is made fun of at the school, if the lucky titter escapes that he is Ishaan's painting in Aamir's hands bound to get his fair share when he gets ragged at college. In case of he escaping all this he is sure to be screwed enough at work, and believe me that makes up for all the hassled years that he’d have spent… There is no chance but if he is the luckiest guy and escapes this too… he marries and that’s the end of everything… he gets beaten up by his wife [this is more plausible than you think, if you are single, you are happy] and last but not the least it’s the children…” By this time the colleague had given up any hope of me ever watching this movie…

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