Next Time!

Something that happened recently reminded me of my school days. Some of you may have read my flash fiction stories. These were written as a part of contest submission and around 5 days back the results were announced… I did not win. Don’t be smug that you second-guessed; ofcourse I did not win or else this post would have been titled I Rule All… or something to that effect. Not the first prize, neither second, nor even the third. I was shocked. Grudgingly I went and had a look at the winning entries (more to find fault than anything else, … Continue reading Next Time!

Flash Fiction

I have been participating in contests. Ofcourse I participate to win and the main reason for this is that I can finally pay my blog-host. To this end I recently participated in Caferati’s 55-word Flash Fiction contest. The theme was Cheating. Some storytellers like epics and sagas. Their stories span generations, dynasties, entire civilizations, nations, continents and galaxies. Not to speak of multiple volumes. Others prefer to keep their stories short. Some, very, very short. Stories told in a flash. A.K.A. Flash Fiction. Flash fiction is fiction of extreme brevity. The standard, generally-accepted length of a flash fiction piece is … Continue reading Flash Fiction