Are you lost…?

My sister is back and with her one more thing that’s back is the semblance of me having a family too :-). It was in this blissful moment that I agreed to have dinner with her along with couple of her friends…

I had already mentioned to her that I will be getting Sikander (you can read about my previous encounters with Sikander here) along, primarily I took him along to ensure that I don’t get cornered into anything by my sister’s friends.

not going to office is fun After office I met up with Sikander and he had not done anything the whole day. He was sick or so he said. He seemed surprisingly upbeat for a person not feeling well, I asked him about it and he brushed it off and said “Dude, it’s just that I did not go to office for two days, by choice, and I feel great” This was the end of the conversation and by this time we had the time and the venue of dinner, Courtesy: my sister.

Before we reached the fixed venue, it had changed twice already, Courtesy: sister’s friends! We, me and Sikander, reached the place finally they decided on and saw that these guys were still confused about where to eat. The elder-brotherly feeling started kicking in place and we told them they just had to follow us to a place. We led all of them to our favorite joint and sat down for dinner… Just chitchatting about mundane things like their projects, experience and the likes…

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