Valentine day tactics – 2009 Action Plan

Did you too spend this V-day alone? Don’t worry this will not repeat next year if you follow this 10-day action plan. If you follow this plan you should be able to seduce a beautiful little damsel to accompany you on a most romantic dinner for two by February 14, 2009.

Day 1

Today you will embark on a rigorous health improvement program. You must exercise and maintain your diet. Women totally dig guys who are fit and seem to be in good shape. This is because women are genetically programmed to subconsciously evaluate their prospective partners. Too fat and she will end up cooking all day. Too thin and she will have to do all the lifting and pushing and pulling at home.

You must join a gym. This can be expensive. Instead, what you can do is make use of the ‘Free Trial Day’ offer which is available at most places. Find ten different gyms near your home and spend one day at each place. Remember to always look as if you know nothing. Talk a lot about wanting a three-year plan. They will get the entire staff to train you.

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